Friday, June 25, 2010

Trip to ER with Bryce

Bryce fell down the steps this morning and busted his chin open. So to the ER went! When they put him in the room they had me put some numbing medicine on his chin for 20minutes. We watched cartoons and he ended up falling asleep. When they came back to stitch him up, woke up! So they buddled him up in a sheet and a nurse held his head and another held his legs. He was crying and screaming so much he threw up all over the nurses and doctor. When I picked him up so they could clean up the bed he turned to me and said "All Done?" It broke my heart! Then we laid him back down and the doctor sewed him up. He still screamed the whole time. Finally when we was all done, I picked him up and i told him he was all done. He calmed down and looked at the Nurse's and Doctor and said "Thank You" They about melted. The one nurse said they never had a child say thank you! So he is doing well! He just wants to keep taking the bandaide off! What an experience for me. 4 years with Morgan and nothing. A year and a half with Bryce and his first trip! I guess this is what the future holds!! Thank goodness for good insurance!