Monday, November 01, 2010


Kids had a great time this year! Morgan kept saying she was a Captain. Bryce had a blast saying trick or treat...sometimes he was more interested in the dogs he saw then the candy he was getting.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Trip to ER with Bryce

Bryce fell down the steps this morning and busted his chin open. So to the ER went! When they put him in the room they had me put some numbing medicine on his chin for 20minutes. We watched cartoons and he ended up falling asleep. When they came back to stitch him up, woke up! So they buddled him up in a sheet and a nurse held his head and another held his legs. He was crying and screaming so much he threw up all over the nurses and doctor. When I picked him up so they could clean up the bed he turned to me and said "All Done?" It broke my heart! Then we laid him back down and the doctor sewed him up. He still screamed the whole time. Finally when we was all done, I picked him up and i told him he was all done. He calmed down and looked at the Nurse's and Doctor and said "Thank You" They about melted. The one nurse said they never had a child say thank you! So he is doing well! He just wants to keep taking the bandaide off! What an experience for me. 4 years with Morgan and nothing. A year and a half with Bryce and his first trip! I guess this is what the future holds!! Thank goodness for good insurance!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It is Offical!!

We are moving back to Pa again! So after much prayer, fasting we have decided that the kids and I will live in Pa and Ben will follow, as soon as a job opens up! He really feel that it will be soon that Ben gets a better job! This will be the 4th trip across the country! Wow!!! I am ready to just settle down and have a house of out own!! It will be someday, but we have to sacrifice first! Well, back to packing!!! Thank You all for your prayers!

Monday, March 15, 2010

House Update!

So the house we are renting is in forclosure and went up for auction this past thursday! We got contacted today by a realty company and apparently it didn't get sold and so the bank does this thing called cash for keys! They give you money for the keys to the house and to leave the house in sellable condition. Then, they give us about a month to find another place. So, at this point we will start to pack all the stuff we don't need right now. We are praying in the meantime that Ben gets a job and we can head back to the east coast! I should be a pro at moving after all this!!! Will update when we find out more!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daddy having a bad day!

Ben was having a bad day yesterday! When we went to walmart to get somethings they had all the valentine's day stuff on major clearance! Morgan saw this bear and wanted to get it for daddy! So we did....

Later that night we made him a card! We set the Bear and card right infront of the door, so when he opened the door it was the first thing he saw!!
Morgan did such a great job coloring and decorating with all the stickers! We set it up and she said to me "Daddy is just going to love it!" She was so proud of herself! So was I!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


A lot has been going on the past couple of months! So here is a little update! Bryce turned 1 December 6th! Me and the kids went to PA for Thanksgiving. Ben has been applying to a lot of jobs. We are hoping to get a job that gets us closer to the east coast. But we will see. Time will tell. The house we are renting is in forclosure and is going up for auction in a month. So we are not sure what is going to happen with that! Just a lot of stuff, but doing well. Kids are getting big and keep me busy!!

Bryce's 1st Birthday!!

I can't believe he is 1 already!

He loved it when we sang to him. Anytime he hears the Happy Birthday song he thinks we are singing to him!

I was so proud of him and the mess he made with the cake. I didn't have the cake on the table and he had a handfull! He had so much fun!

Misc pix of Bryce

Ben's idea!

I love his big blue eyes!

My handsome little boy!

Little Miss Morgan

Morgan and Ewan! They love playing together. Hope we can live closer soon!

Morgan got a tea set for christmas. This is us christmas day having the first tea party! We have a couple a week! She loves it!!

My BIg Girl!!

Katie took this picture and I just love it!

Morgan loves me to take pictures of her. Love the hair!!

My little princess!

Where did the time go????

Bryce-1 month old
Morgan-2 yrs old

Bryce- 1 yr old
Morgan 3 yrs old

Its amazing how much they chang in just a year!

Family Pictures

Wilson's came to visit over Christmas, so we got some family pictures taken. We are missing liz!

Who is this handsome guy?

It was like we were taking our engagement pictures again! We had a lot of fun!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Yes it is my last birthday in my twenties! It has been a crazy couple of months, so i am hoping to update this week! Last night we ran out of propane for our heat! I was like that is okay it won't get to cold! So, this morning we woke up to 6-7 inches of snow! I was like "u have got to be kidding me." So needless to say it is around 59 degrees in our house right now! I am waiting for the propane truck to come! I am hoping he can make it up our streets! The kids are all bundled up in pants and sweatshirts! Wat a day! But there is so much I am thankful for on my birthday! My husband, my kids, my family, my in-laws, the gospel, my friends, and so much more! I will enjoy my birthday cuddling up on the couch with my kids and hot chocolate! Probably playing in the snow also! Morgan has been bugging me to play in the snow since she woke up! ANyway, will try to update this week!