Friday, May 09, 2008


Yes it true, I am pregnant!!! I am 8 wks along. I am due December 15, 2008. I am feeling fine, just the normal stuff. We are very excited. I will keep you posted!!

The Blessings among Trials

Sorry I haven't posted for awhile things have been crazy! Just wanted to update on things that have been going on. Three days into Ben's training he and 30 other people got laidoff. Due to the Frontier Airline going under they have to reorganize those pilot and they were closing the Denver base, and have to relocate all of those pilots. SO.......They gave Ben $1000 dollars and told them that they would be the first people they would call in July or August for rehire. So Ben jumped in his car and drove BACK to Arizona. He will be working there until we July or August. I am staying out here in Pa because we gave up our Apartment and have no place to go there. Ben is renting a room out of a house with some co-workers. I have a part time job here and being here with family helps at this time.

The many blessings: Ben's work took him back like he never left. we didn't have to wait to be put on insurance, and he was eligiable for the bonus in June. It is really nice to be with family and have them help out with Morgan when I work and during this pregnancy as well.

Despite the shock and frustration at first, Ben, Morgan, and I are doing fine. It is hard being away from him but we know this is all for a reason and feel good about everything working out the way it is intended.