Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I know that I haven't put pictures up for awhile!! I am sorry! Things have been pretty hectic around here. We all have been dealing with allergies. They are really bad out here this year! Anyway, here area bunch of pictures to bring you up to date! Hope you like them!!

Snap Shots!!

Morgan loves being in her high chair. She loves those biter biscuits. She can only eat them in her high chair and in her diaper. She is always such a mess after words. She's such a big girl!!

This is her new walker. She loved the one at my mom's so much i decided to get her one. It doesn't move as much because it is on the carpet. She still likes it cause is plays music!

On Valentine's Day my Aunt Kathy sent her a box of goodies. She liked what was in the box, but i think she enjoyed the box a little more. We still have the box with some toys on it so she can crawl in and out of the box!! I laugh so hard when I watch her do it.

She likes to play with her bumper. I caught her like this a couple times. Then I put the camera on the other side to see if I could get a picture of her and this is what came out....

she knew what she was doing!!!

She stands up in her crib now. I just can't believe how much she is growing. She stands there and cries and throws things over until you come and get her.

Daddy always likes to put his sunglasses on her!! Future Pilot? I think so!!

This is how she would drink her bottle alot. Needless to say she still eats like that with her feet up in the air!!

She had decided she is to big for the bouncer. She would try and cral out of it. She pulls herself thru the toys to the front!

She is crawling thru this little thing now. She is a crawling machine!

My mom sent her a Valentine's card!! She loved trying to eat it. It kept her busy for awhile!

Playing Peek-a Boo!! She loves this game! She was hiding her face and them pulling it up and laughing. It was great!

4 Generations

I am sure a lot of you already know that my Grandma passed away two days before christmas! She had alzheimer's pretty bad! I feel so blessed to have been able to attend her funeral and say goodbye. She was a beautiful women. Always dresses to the nine! She always wore high heels. I think that is where I get my love of high heels from. I also feel so blessed that I was able to get this 4 generation picture taken back in September. Morgan would just sit and smile at her. It was priceless. Even though I wasn't around her that much growing up feel I have a special bond with her. I have had a lot of experience working with alzheimer's patients. They have the sweetest spirit about them. Attending the funeral really made me appriciate my mother so much!! I am grateful for the close relationship I have with her. Take a moment and just be grateful for your mother and call her and tell her that you love her. Life is to short!!!

Trip To Pa in Dec-Jan

Her and Levi were best friends. She was afraid of him at first. It didn't take her long to warm up to him.

Grandma Coy reading one of her favorite books.

Playing Peek-a-boo with her blanket at Great Grandma Coy's house.

Showing how big she is!!

My mom was just bouncing her on her knee and she fell asleep just like that. It was so cute. She looks pretty comfy to me!!

Grandma had this walker. She loved it. She was all over the living room. It was on hard wood floors so it made it easier.

I found this at at me Jamie and Andy's I think. I can't remember. She loves hats and this was so funny!

We have two superman's in our family!! Harrison and Zane out to fight crime!!

This is the first time Ewan and Morgan saw eachother since they were newborns. I think they will be best friends.

Getting to know eachother!!

Isabel and Alexandra at Christmas with my Aunt Kathy!! Such pretty princess's!

Christmas Morning!!

Morgan is waiting so patiently christmas morning for daddy to wake up!

Ben loves to blow on her belly to make her laugh!

She had a great first Christmas! She did better then I thought.

Ben stuck the bows on her head after each present. This was the final result. Good thing she didn't have a lot of hair at this time!!


This is Morgan at our ward Halloween Party!! She knew what it was all about huh? She looked so cute as Tinker Bell!!

This is her and Rilee. They play really good together! He was so cute as a Pirate!