Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It is Offical!!

We are moving back to Pa again! So after much prayer, fasting we have decided that the kids and I will live in Pa and Ben will follow, as soon as a job opens up! He really feel that it will be soon that Ben gets a better job! This will be the 4th trip across the country! Wow!!! I am ready to just settle down and have a house of out own!! It will be someday, but we have to sacrifice first! Well, back to packing!!! Thank You all for your prayers!

Monday, March 15, 2010

House Update!

So the house we are renting is in forclosure and went up for auction this past thursday! We got contacted today by a realty company and apparently it didn't get sold and so the bank does this thing called cash for keys! They give you money for the keys to the house and to leave the house in sellable condition. Then, they give us about a month to find another place. So, at this point we will start to pack all the stuff we don't need right now. We are praying in the meantime that Ben gets a job and we can head back to the east coast! I should be a pro at moving after all this!!! Will update when we find out more!!!