Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sorry it has been awhile!

So I know it has been awhile! Things have been crazy. So here is an update from the last couple months! Enjoy!

Bryce: So Big So Fast!!

I know I haven't posted recent pictures of Bryce, so here they are! He is pulling himself up and can stand on his own for a little bit without holding onto anything. He says mama and dada! He is just the cutest red head little boy!
He loves his sister so much! She was asleep and bryce was playing in the living room! Then he decided he wanted to play with his sister and I found him in her room at the end of her bed, standing there waiting for her to wake up! It was adorable!
These are Bryce's friends: Shiloh and Caiden
He loves the water! Bath or Pool!

It was Sunday after church and Morgan was sleeping. I was on the floor and Bryce was crawling around and on me. I fell asleep and soon after, so did he, right on top of me!
I love his smile!

First spaghetti dinner

Soccer Season!

Morgan ready for her first soccer practice!

Ready for her first Game!

What do we do again?

Misc pictures of Morgan

Pappy Bawden and Family came to visit

Ben's dad and siblings came from Wyomming, in August, to visit and meet Bryce!
This is Sarah, Marianne, and Hannah
Pappy Bawden and Morgan

Sarah teaching bryce to walk

Pappy baught Morgan a bike and Bryce a cozy coupe car. She wanted to help put it together!

Marianne's Bridal Pictures

Marianne got marrie din September and so I took her Bridal pictures while they were here! Here are some of my favorites!

Sarah's Senior Pictures

I also took Sarah's senior pictures while they were here! Here are some of my favorites!

Grandma and Pappy Coy came to visit!

We went to a little zoo here in prescott, which morgan loved looking at all the animals!
Morgan and Grandma looking at baby Tigers!

We played outside a lot. Yes this is grass. We were on the soccer field at ERAU! It is fake grass! I will take whatever I can get!
Grandma and Bryce

What a Mess!

My friend was over with her little boy Joey, who Morgan loves to play with. We were talking and I noticed it was a little to quiet for my liking with them. We went in to her room and found this wonderful mess! They had gotten into out game box that I had in her closet. I think it was a total of 5 board games with lots of pieces everywhere. I just had to laugh! Needless to say we have a childproof thing on the doorknob now! Oh the things children will do!!

My Baby is 3!!!

These pictures were taken in the tree in our front yard! She loves the camera!!
This is on Sunday June 28th! Her Birthday!
She was so excited to go to nursery and share her cupcakes!
We were going to the doctor for her 3 year well check! She had all she needed in her purse:
a (clean) pair of panies
a 3/4 deflated balloon
She was ready to go and was such a big girl!
weight: 24lbs
all in the less then 5%

Her Birthday Party!

It was so nice to have a party that we could invite her friends and not just our friends! A birthday party is not a party without a pinata and candy!!

YUMMY!!! chocolate cupcakes!

Mommy and Daddy with the Birthday Girl!!!