Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What a Mess!!

Ok, so last night was a rough night. I was not feeling well, I had a huge headache. I was trying to cook dinner when Morgan wanted yogurt to eat. After trying other things with her until we would eat I just gave in. She wanted yogurt in her highchair and watch Elmo. I couldn't fight anymore. So I put her in her highchair watching Elmo. I was making dinner and washing dishes. When dinner was done, I went to see how far she had made it with her yogurt, let's just say she made it pretty far, it just didn't end up in her mouth. All I could do was laugh.

Out with the Girls for my Birthday!

Some friends and I went out to Chili's for my Birthday.

This is Shalene and I. Like my Birthday Girl sash?

This is Jaime and Halee. Halee got me my sash!

We asked the waitress if they did anything for Birthday's and she said that they didn't. She said that she could lite a tortilla chip on fire as a candle. I said great!! So that is what I am blowing out on top of out Molten Lava Cake!! The girls and the waitress sand Happy Birthday also. The coolest thing was that when I blew our my chip we ate like half the desert and realized that the center was still cold and hard, it was supposed to be melted and warm. So we asked the waitress about it and she got us another one. So we actually got two for the price of one. Which was awesome, because that cake is AWESOME!!!!!

After dinner three of us went bowling. I haven't been bowling since I was pregnant. Which I had one of my best games then. Anyway...This is pregnant Halee doing the famous backwards bowling.

I think I got a spare on this one. Nice butt shot huh!! Sorry!

This is Shalene. I believe this was after another gutter ball.

What's bigger the ball or Halee's belly. She is Due June 1st.

At the end of a great night. Halee, Me and Shalene.

I have made some of the greatest friends here. It will be hard to leave when the time comes.

Friday, January 25, 2008

So silly and smart!!

Last night Morgan was in the bathtub and I was on the phone with my mom and Ben was in the office. I was talking to my mom and had to ask ben a question, so I called out "Ben.." asked the question and continued talking to my mom. The next thing I see is Morgan standing up in the tub and calling out "Ben.. Ben.." We were just busting up laughing.

Then later I turned the speaker phone on so my mom could talk to Morgan while she was in the tub. My mom asked her how old she was. I said "can you say one" she looked at me and said "two". I kept trying to get her to say one, but she insisted that we were counting and kept saying two!!! It was pretty funny!! She cracks me up everyday, all day!! I just love her!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sorry it has been so long!!

Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged. The most exciting thing for us is that Ben Graduated From College. It is Finally over!!! He graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Az. He graduated on December 8, 2007 with his Bachelors Degree in Aeronautical Science (Pilot). He is currently working as a flight instructor for the school and we are just waiting for a job that may bring us back east!! I am so proud of him. He worked fulltime and went to school fulltime this last year and a half. He did awesome! I just love hime soo much! He is an awesome pilot!! This is also what has been going on with us......

Trip to Pa!

In October we found out that my Uncle had died. He was cutting down a tree and a branch/limb fell on his head. He was knocked out, but still alive. They flew him to Heggerstown (sp?) Maryland and his heart stopped as they were taking him off the chopper! He was only 49! He was the most generious man I have ever know! He would do anything for anyone! He will be missed, but we know that he is in better place!

I was planning on making a surprise trip to Pa. When the news of my uncle came I had to move my depature up a week and a half to be there for the funeral. I ended up staying 5 weeks. I was taking pictures of my mom and dad and morgan thought she could be in the pictures too. I think this is adorable. Morgan and her Pappy!!

My parents, Morgan, and I went to Rocky Ridge Park to see the lights they have every year. Morgan enjoyed walking off the path (hope that's not a sign fo the future!! j/k). She liked the lights and cryed when she saw Santa! She was pretty tired and cold!!

Trying to get a picture with the lights!!

White Christmas?

We got snow 2 days after I got home from PA. None since!!

It was funny yo see all the kids outside playing in the snow! Nothing like the snow we get in PA!

What to do, What to do!!

This is our cute Christmas Tree! Morgan helped me set it up!

But..she would always go behind the tree and hide.

Play with and break ornaments!

Do you think she knows what she is doing? ummmm yeah!!

Ward Christmas Party!

We were heading off to our ward Christmas Party!! I couldn't resist taking pictures. She looked so cute!!

She knows it too!!

Family Pictures

We had a friend take our Family Pictures down town at C/harlotte Hall Museum. It is outside with a bunch of old cabin/houses. It is really pretty.

Family Pictures cont'd

Christmas Day!

Christmas Day was nice and quiet! Morgan had a great time opening presents!
This is ben brushing her hair with a brush from her cleaning set that we got her. She insists og carrying my broom arounf the house, so we decided to get her, her own play cleaning stuff. She sweeps the carpet very well!!

This is her Princess Chair!! Loves it!!

She is inside her Princess Tent!

Grandma Coy gave her a Princess Tent. She is in it all the time.

Nursery Time Already!!

I can't believe it is time for her to go to nursery already! Time flies! I started taking her to nursery a couple weeks before she was 18 months. She cryed if I was in there or not! Finally the Sunday she was officially 18 months she stayed in nursery the whole 2nd hour all by herself. This is what she looked like when I picked her up (minus the missing pony tail on the left side). She was so excited to see me. I had to take a picture when I go home!

18th Month Check up

We went for Morgans 18 month check up. She had to get 4 shots.
She was pretty mad!
she only weighs 17lbs 12ozs
She is less than 5th % on her chart.
Once I turned on Elmo when we got home she was pretty Happy!!

She felt pretty good until the end of the day and then she started running a fever. It lasted 2 days, but only happened at the end of the day! She is such a big girl!!

Andy and Jamie come to town!

My brother Andy and his wife Jamie came in from Pa January 11-14. Andy was running in the P.F. Chang's Marathon in Pheonix.
We went to show them were Ben went to school and were he works!
Andy being Andy!!

This is on of the airplans that ben flies. What a cute couple!

Andy acting like he os a pilot in the simulator!

P.F. Chang's Rock N Roll Marathon!!

Andy ready to run 26.2 miles.

What a supportive wife!!

Run Andy Run!!

Tired runner!! I am so proud of him!! He is awesome!!

I kiss for a job well done!!

What a cool looking Medal!

So tired!!

Mesa Temple

The evening of the marathon before I went back to Prescott we went to the Mesa Temple!

Andy was cute when he saw a real cactus for the first time. This one is pretty big!!