Thursday, October 18, 2007

Morgan!! Morgan!!

So Morgan loves bracelets. I bought her two packs of pretty ones at Wal-Mart for 88 cents for twelve. So when we got home I gave them to her and she put all 24 on her arm and played with them all on her arm. He favorite game is to take them off and hand them to me and saying "here you go" after each one, then when they are all off I hand them to her and she puts them back on and says "Thank You" after each one!

She loves "purses". She is such a girl! This little frog basket she has on her head usually has all the bracelets in it! I think this is such a cute snap shot! She loves her night gowns too. She thinks she is soo big!!!
Again, with bracelets and purses reading a book!

Morgan loves her backpacks. We got them with The Scholastic Reading Program, which I love! She likes to wear both of them at the same time! Hope she is this eager when it comes time to actually go to school!!

So I attempted to put her hair in a pony tail. This is the result! Eventhough it was a struggle to get it in, she did leave it in all day!
I think she looks sooo cute!! Eventhough it is so tiny!!

She has more hair in the back then on top! It is getting thick and curly!! I think she is going to have curly hair!! That would look so cute if it turns out red too!!


So one night I decided it was time to clean out my closet and make a pile of clothes to give to goodwill. I came across this tank top that I love!!! Yes I know that it is not int he best of shape. I have had this tank top for YEARS, and just couldn't get rid of it because i loved it and I couldn't find another one like it!! I looked everywere.

This is the Front!

This is the Back! You like the huge hole in the shoulder?

Here it is in the trash!! So sad! Farewell lovely tank top!!!

I know my mom and sister will be soooooooooooooooooo proud of me!!!

This is the pile of clothes I ended up giving to Goodwill!! The sad thing is that my closet isn't that bare still!!