Monday, September 17, 2007

Not your normal Sunday!!!

Ok, so this is how Sunday began. Morgan woke me up about 8:30am. We got up and ate breakfast and played. I was on the computer finishing up my lesson for Young Women's when all of a sudden I felt very dizzy, lightheaded, hot, and extremely sick to my stomach. So I layed down on the floor to rest a little bit. As I went to the bathroom to throw up morgan followed. I proceded to throw up with morgan right by my head talking to me and trying to put her hand in the toilet. Trying to make yourself feel better and keeping your child out of the mess is pretty hard. Anyway, I went in to bed and woke up ben and told him he needed to get up with her so I got sleep and rest. This was about 10:00am. So he did and I fell asleep. At 2:00pm (needless to say we didn't make it to church) ben came in and woke me up and asked me to look at Morgan's eye. Her eye was red, swollen, and had yellow junk coming out of the corners of her eye. Well, needless to say me nap was over. But I felt much better. I think I was just over tired. Anyway, so I called the on call doctor and she told me to take her to the ER for and evaluation. So that is what we did.
Morgan's first trip to the ER. Her little band it adorable, if she didn't have shoes on it would fall right of her little foot!!!

This is what her eye looked like when we left. Well, when we were in the ER we din't have to wait more then five minutes ( what a blessing). Every nurse or doctor that came to see her she would burst into tears. She was not enjoying this adventure. So we found out that Morgan has PINK EYE!!! When we were waiting for the doctor to come back with the perscription Morgan saw a crack in the curtain and started to walk out. It was really funny. She just wanted to egt out of there. We have to put two drops in each eye four times a day. What a chore. Morgan is pretty strong for as little as she is. But, got to do what you got to do!!

This is what Morgan looked like this morning. It has spread to the other eye. The poor thing looks like she got beat up!! It hasn't stopped her though. I have descovered that most of the time that Morgan and I get sick it is ont he weekends when no doctor's offices are open. We are all being careful and have never washed my hand so many times in my life. Pretty much every 5-10 minutes. But things will get better.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Worst Blogger in the World!!! That's Me!!!

So I have come to accept that I am the worst blogger in the world!!! =) But I am trying to get better. Anyway, I am so sorry it has taken me forever to update. Things have been crazy. I thought I would give you an update and I added a couple pictures for you. I promise there will be more to come. Where to start!!

When I got home form Pa in May i started babysitting 2 kids. A 2 yr old and a now 7 month old. I would have them from 7:30-5:30 a couple times a week. Which I am still currently doing. I am splitting it with a friend so it makes it a little bit easier. Then we had Morgan's big 1st Birthday (pics to come). Ben has been super busy with school and work. We are counting down the days to his graduation. Dec 6th, 2007!!!! We are excited. After graduation we are hoping to move back east, but it all depends on where he gets a job!! Besides no matter where we go we get free airline tickets, so I will be back as mush as possible, maybe more then now!!!

This summer my mom came out to pheonix and her, morgan and I drove to Utah to visist friends and family. We met Jamie's soon-to-be sister-in-law, who is adorable!!We saw my grandparents and Ben's dad and step mom and sisters. Morgan did really well on that trip, we were very proud of her (pics to come).

I just started playing on a coed indoor soccer team. We play every thursday night. It is nice to go and just have fun. It is a huge range of ages and talent. I must say I was impressed with myself, because i haven't played in soooooooooooo long, that is until I had a breakaway and completly missed the ball when I went to shoot. It was pretty funny!!! That has been fun adn hoping to continue to do it. My friend Shalene and her husband baught an old skating rink and turned it into an indoor soccer field. It is really nice.

Friday August 31 Ben's step mom died of cancer. She was diagnosed in february or march of 2007. We just got back today from her funeral in Wyomming. We left wednesday night and got home this afternoon. They have a boy, who is serving a mission in tempe, az; and 4 girls. One is in college, one is 15, one is 13, and one is 11. It was a beautiful funeral but very difficult. She was ready to go and to be out of pain and to see her other daughter that was stillborn in 1989. She was a wonderful, kind, and loving women. Mother's hug and kisses your children often and tell them you love them all the time. Daughters hug and kiss your mothers as much as possible and always tell them you love them. It really has made me appriciate my family and husband sooooooooooooo much more. I have gained a great testimony of the wonderful works of the lord. The lord knew we were supposed to be at this funeral. Financially it was close to impossible. The lord made it possible thru help from others so that we could attend this funeral and say goodbye. I am ever so greatful fo rthis oppertunity and am so greatful for the wondeful families I have.

Just an update on morgan. I had her to the doctor this week and she weighs a whole 16lbs 4ozs. She is a little over 14mnths old. She is almost walking, but likes to crawl more becasue she knows she can get to where she wants to go faster. She is talking alot. She says a bunch of words: grandma, grandpa, pappy, cracker, baby, juice. thank you, please, puppy-she even makes the sound,mumma, dadda. I think that might be it for now. She loves to brush her teeth. She is working on #10 tooth. She also loves to take baths. She would take them all day long if I let her. She is always making me laugh. She waves goodbye, and plays peek-a-boo. When I ask her what a rooster says she says "doo". We love her to pieces and love watching her grow each and everyday!!

More Pictures are soon to come. Thanks for being patient!!!

Plane Ride and 4th of July!!

My friends husband had called and asked if Ben could take his wife on a plane ride for her birthday. She had never been in a little plane before and has always wanted to fly in one. So we decided to make it a double date. We flew to a little airport near pheonix. I believe it was called Deer Valley. It was about an hour flight. When we landed we pulled right up to the Italian restaurant they had at the airport. It was a parking lot for planes. We went inside and had dinner, which was really good! I liked it better then the Olive Garden!! It was alittle bit more expensive then the Olive Garden, but soooooooooooo worth it!!
This is the best picture I could get with all 4 of us. The plane isn't that big!!

This is my friend Shalene!! The Birthday Girl!! Her husband Danny is next to her looking out the window!!

Here is Ben!! Isn't he the cutest pilot you have ever seen?!!!

A few of prescott on our way to Deer Valley!!

Morgan is waiting for the fireworks to start! We went down to th University to watch the fireworks. You can see them really good from there. This is the first time we saw the fireworks since we have lived here. They were okay! Last 4th of july I had just come home from the hospital with morgan. Morgan and my mom were asleep and I was watching some of the fireworks from our kitchen window and crying for no reason! Just the after baby emotions I guess!!

Morgan still was getting used to the grass. Not quit sure of it yet. Considering that we don't have a lot of grass in Arizona to begin with.

Morgan and Ben watching the Fireworks. She really liked them. The loud ones didn't even scare her!

What a bad day for Morgan!! It was her 12 month check up! She had to get blood drawn. They couldn't get the vain in the one arm so they had to go to the other arm. Me and a nurse had to hold her down while the other nurse took her blood. I felt so bad. And this was the end result!

So I was in the office trying to do some stuff online, and I heard her throwing stuff around. I came out and this is what i found. She loves going into that cabinet and getting out all the DVD's. I just had to laugh and take a picture.

Going in for more. She didn't know I was there watching her. Then when I asked her what she was doing she just smiled at me. It is so hard to get mad sometimes when they make those faces and you just start to laugh!!!

Misc. Pictures from trip to PA in April-May 2007

Morgan loved making music on Grandma's Pans!

This is her cousin Alexandra's Mustang car! Morgan loved it. As you can tell she thinks is hot stuff in that car!!

We went Miniture Golfing with Michael and Sarah and the Girls. It was a lot of fun!!

Isabelle was golfing like she was playing shuffle board, it was so cute.

Alexandra tried so hard. She did good and had fun!!

Morgan sat and watched that ball so carefully as Michael played!!
Then she crawled after it.

We went to the Hershey Chocolate Factory like ten times.

Everytime she took everything in.

Who wouldn't be excited to se singing cows!?! I sure was!!

Like Mother like Daughter!! oh yeah and Pappy Coy

We went with my friends mike and lisa. This is Kate she is so cute!

This is there other daughter lindsey. She drank that whole container of chocolate milk by herself!! It was really good though!!

Morgan loved playing in Gradma Wilson's plants and flowers!

As you can tell she really didn't like the water that much! It was to cold! She is happier in the bath, were it is nice and warm!

She is just a silly girl!! I love her sooooooooooooooo much!

BLT Reunion 2007

So here are a couple pictures from our annual trip to
Virginia Beach for our Family Reunion!

Morgan helping Grandma drive to get there a little faster!!!

All the guys and Lindsey jumped in the freezing cold

water after the boys got done playing basketball and

lindsey got done running!

We took pictures of all the kids on our side. Aren't they the cutest?

On the way home we stopped at the Washington D.C Temple so morgan could crawl around! She was getting a littl tired of being in the car! No matter ho many times I go to the temple I just can't belive how beuatiful it is!

Emilie and Brie are being such good sports and being my modles for me!

They are just beautiful! I am sure they didn't mind taking some pictures with Morgan!