Thursday, April 19, 2007


My friend Halee and I went to Las Vegas this past weekend to see Celine Dion in Concert!!! These our a couple pictures of our trip there.
This is the beautiful Hoover Dam!! It was very pretty. I have never been there before. There were alot of people and traffic was pretty slow going through it. But it was worth it!

I took this picture after I jumped out of the car (while it was still moving kind of slow) and then chased it up the road until I jumped back in!! It was fun, little scary, as you can tell I do my own stunts!!!!

Finally crossing into Nevada!! This is Hallee's car! It only took us 4 hours to get to Vegas!! Not a bad trip. I had to take this picture because I have never been to Las Vegas, let alone Nevada!! Had a great time!! Was ready to come home and see Ben and Morgan!! I missed them!!

Getting Ready for Celine Dion!!!!

This is Halee and I all dressed up and ready to Party!!! It was so nice to spend sometime on myself. We did eachothers hair and just had a great girls night!!
We spent all night at the Caesars Palace!! This is one of the many huge fountain in this place!

Yes, I am playing the slots! As you can tell, I have NO idea what I was doing!! I played a whole $2, then I was bored! Not only did we play the slots but we went into all the very, very expensive stores and tried on clothes and shoes. I tried on a $5000 fur coat. What an experience. Halee taught me how to act like I have money to spend, even though I don't!! It was great fun!

For the whole reason we came to Vegas!!! Celine Dion im Concert!! I don't have the word to describe how awesome it was. She sounded awesome. The dancers, the backgrounds, special effects were out of this world!! I am so glad I went and I will never forget it!!

The Night Life!!

Sorry if these pictures are blurry! I took them out of the sunroof of the car while we were on our way to the hotel after the Concert! The night life is CRAZY!! There were tons people and crazy drivers. I don't know how many times we almost got hit. The taxi drivers are the worst!! It was pretty though. I have never seen so many lights inmy life!!

Checking out the sites before we go home!!

This is a real Tigar at the Mirage Hotel. When you walk in it is right there. He is Beautiful!!! Just just walked around in circles until he came up here to lay down.

This is the Garden's in Teh Mirage Hotel. They were so pretty. We wanted to go see the Dolphin show, but we didn't have enough time or money!!

This is in front of the Venetian Hotel. The Hotels are just beautiful!!

This is the all Famous fountains in front of the Bellagio Hotel. These fountains are set to music every 15 minutes.

This one was set to VIVA LAS VEGAS!!

Well, these are the only pictures I can share with you. You know the saying: "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas!!!" =)

Morgan's First Youth Dance!!!

Ben DJ's the youth dance in our stake!! This is the first dance Morgan has been to since she has been born! She was pretty excited when we got there with all the people dancing and she liked the music.

Here we are doing the Electric Slide!! She loved it! She was laughing and making noises the whole time.

I got this picture when we were in the lobby taking a break! She just looks so cute! A lady offered to watch her while Ben and I could slow dance. It was so nice of here. It was nice to dance with my husband. We danced to our wedding song, so that makes it even more special.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Prescott Easter Egg Hunt

Prescott has an annual Easter Egg Hunt. It is at the Downtown Court House Square. You can bring your own basket or pay to make your own. Then you go around to all the different business's around the square and they give you Easter treats for your basket. Well, I thought that it would be fun. They made it sound like it was going to be awesome. You could also have your picture taken with the Easter Bunny! Well, needless to say, when we got there we were a little disappointed. There were alot of people there, but they had a stand for and a long line to make the easter basket. Maybe two or three people at a time could make a basket. Then they had a dunk tank (Why? I have no idea). A food stand that served Snow Cones. The Picture with Easter Bunny was the most popular thing. So Ben and I decided that we would put a blanket down and just sit and watch people and all the dogs that were there. Morgan loved watching the dogs. When one little dog came up to her, she didn't know what to do! It is so funny, sometimes she is afraid of dogs and cats and other times she isn't. Oh well!! Anyway, here are some pictures of her and us on the blanket Hangin Out!! It was a beautiful day to be out in the sun.

She loves to crawl all over me and pull herself up and stand. She will be walking in no time I am sure. (That is the dunk tank behind us)

She loves when Daddy throws her in the air!

I am sure if she could talk she would say AGAIN DADDY, AGAIN!!!!

Just taking a rest from crawling to smile and say HI!!!


Morgan Loves it in the Tub!!!!!!!